The Beginning of the Beginning😅

..To new and unknown ventures☕


Sooooo…finally,i start my own blog.Lord knows i have wanted to do this for a while now and i have been postponing for almost an year now😅 but we’re here now.

This blog will have no specific topics to talk about,just stories of my life..sort of a journal. I’ve been doing this on paper but a friend of mine(Hey Benjie😘) asked me to try this out..writing them online. And so I did. You can expect anything from this blog…from stories that get you cracked up and rolling on the ground,to some that will make you judge me(like what in the world were you thinking) and others that might get you depressed…but hold up,I don’t think my life is that sad😂

Please don’t expect regular updates,I can be a lazy   ass  and also just maybe I haven’t had any interesting stories to share,lol

Anyway, that’s just about it..Let’s see how we(me and this baby) do😊😊


Author: kenyanadultingfemale

A simple Kenyan girl who Loves wine and books-Never keeps time and is scared of insects,dogs and cats.She is adulting and just sharing the experience😄

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